A Great Place To Be!

A place to study, work and live…

Along with four other colleges of the University of West Hungary, Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts (SKF for short) is located in one the most pleasant, fastest developing region of the country. Western Transdanubia combines deep historical traditions with excellent economic potential, a stimulating cultural and relaxing natural environment – all that a classic University needs.

Sopron plays a special role within the region. Walking around town, one cannot ignore its history, going all the way back to Roman times. Masters of past centuries created artistic buildings that bear witness to the hard work of our predecessors. Monuments that were lucky enough to have survived devastation in past centuries attract our attention in the narrow, curved streets. The Gate of Faithfulness, erected in honour of the referendum of 1921, at the foot of the famous Firewatch Tower, serves as a memento that Sopron has earned the name "Civitas fidelissima" (the most faithful city) many times over in the course of history.

The city of Sopron offers much excitement for culture and sports enthusiasts. Examples are the Sopron Festival Weeks, the Theatre with its great ensemble, the Sports Halls of the city, amateur and professional basketball teams, etc. The great wines and the excellent food of the Sopron region are real treats for culinary aficionados. Nature devotees can also find their pleasure around the city. Sopron hills are great for hiking, and, not much farther, Lake Fertő offers opportunities for swimming and sailing. More serious hiking, climbing and skiing is to be had on the slopes of Schneeberg, a mere hour away in Austria.

In many respects, the University and SKF have a special place within the City of Sopron. The city has never forgotten what it owes to the University, so its students and faculty enjoy a special status. Most of the University buildings are located in the unique setting of 17 hectares of botanical gardens, established in 1922, after the Alma Mater found its permanent home in Sopron. The botanical garden has been designated as a national nature protection area since 1978, and has been continually enriched with new species of plants.

The botanical garden provides a special environment for students, offering opportunities for recreation, relaxation and learning all at once. There are things to see here in every season; some of the plants start blossoming in late winter, and the garden is in full bloom in the spring. In the fall, the special colours of the foliage present a wonderful sight, as do the plants, trees and shrubs under a thick blanket of snow in the winter.

It is a real privilege to work, study or live in Sopron, to be a student or associate of the University. For Sopron graduates, the years spent here are usually the highlight of their lives.


Simonyi Károly Műszaki, Faanyagtudományi és Művészeti Kar
9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 4.
B épület, 2. emelet
Tel.: (99) 518-101
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